Aircraft with Restricted Authorisation


Foreign aircraft with restricted authorisation generally require permission to enter and operate in Germany.

The application must be submitted two full workdays prior to commencing the intended flight and shall include the following documents in German or English language:

  • Certificate of Airworthiness including restrictions or
  • Permit to fly including conditions
  • Noise Certificate
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Certificate showing annual inspection (additional only for N-registered aircraft: Mechanic licence – FAA inspection authorization)
  • Licence of the responsible pilot issued by the state of registry of the aircraft
  • Third Party Legal Liability Insurance
  • If the aircraft is registered in a non-EASA state, additional proof may be demanded from the applicant
    Entry is not permitted without an explicit entry permission.

Permission will generally be granted for the purpose and duration applied for; however, for 180 days in the calendar year at the most. It may be subject to conditions.

A permission is not required for aircraft registered in the European Economic Area with a Permit to Fly wich contains the exact wording „This Permit to Fly is issued pursuant to Regulation (EC) No. 216/2008, Article 5 (4) (a) and certifies that the aircraft is capable of safe flight for the purpose and within the conditions listed below and is valid in all Member States.“


Please send the application to:


Department B1
38144 Braunschweig

Phone: Tel.: +49 531 2355 3102 / 3121 / 3122 / 3123 / 3124 / 3125 / 3126 / 3127 / 3113
Fax: +49 531 2355 3197 / 3198



Ultra-Light Aircraft


With immediate effect ultra-light aircraft on foreign registers entering the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany will have the same status as aircraft engaged in private air traffic in accordance with Article 5 of the ICAO Convention. Thus ultra-light aircraft do not require a specific entry permission.


General permission for Foreign Self-Constructed Aircraft to enter the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany


NfL II-15/85 and NfL II-39/85 apply to self-constructed aircraft of a European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) member state, to which an airworthiness certificate of limited validity or a comparable certification has been issued. Permission to enter the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany is generally granted subject to the conditions stated in the NfL’s (VFR day flights only, minimum safe heigt when overflying assemblies of people, liability insurance, flight plan, VHF transmitter/receiver…). For questions please contact the LBA (for contact details see “Aircraft with Restricted Authorization”)