Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Germany VFR + IFR


The Aeronautical Information Publication VFR (AIP VFR) contains extracts from the AIP, additional relevant information for VFR flights, as well as visual operation charts and aerodrome charts in alphabetical order. Also included are regulations and supplementary information for aerodromes, airfields and military aerodromes which are also used by civil air traffic.


Jeppesen VFR Manual Germany


Comprehensive airport and routing manual for the preparation and execution of flights according to visual flight rules. The outstanding features of this manual are the reliability of data, precise structure of information as well as the availability of monthly changes and amendments



These charts can be used by pilots for VFR cross-country flights. New charts with the latest airspace updates are published annually in spring.


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Flight Plan

Filing of Flight Plans


In Germany, a flight plan must be filed for the following VFR flights:

  • For flights or portion thereof to be provided with ATC
  • For flights crossing the German Border, with the following exceptions:
    For VFR flights of civil aircraft from and to the signatory states of the Schengen Agreement, a flight plan has to be filed only if the regulations of the country concerned require this and/or if during the flight, the territory or airspace of a country is affected which has not signed the Schengen Agreement.
  • For flights at night insofar as they exceed the vincinity of the aerodrome
  • For flights into restricted areas, as far as these are compulsory when establishing the areas
  • For flights changing from VFR to IFR or from IFR to VFR
  • For acrobatic flights in controlled airspace and above aerodromes with ATC

Flight plans and flight associated messages can be filed with the Aeronautical Information Service-Center (AIS-C) by telephone and fax at the following numbers:

Telefon: 06103/707-5500
Telefax: 06103/707-5505

Filing a flight plan and briefing via Internet: (registration required)


Flight Plan Form


Here you can download the flight plan form used in Germany: