Survey on General Aviation in Europe

The survey is completed. Thank you for your interest.

With this survey we want to collect information about General Aviation (GA) and find out the problems of aircraft operators and pilots, what GA is utilized for and with which frequenzy, and what the economic strengths of GA are.


This collection of information is especially important today, because our national and European aviation authorities for reasons of data protection and lack of money compile only few reliable statistics, so that even basic information such as the number of flight hours per year and class of aircraft is not available since many years.


Only when we have accurate information on GA, we as an aviation association can effectively represent the interests of our clientele.


Therefore, we would be very pleased if you support our work and fill out the online questionnaire. We specifically assure you absolute anonymity and strict compliance with data protection regulations.


We have prepared two separate surveys for pilots and aircraft operators. It will take only about 5 minutes to answer the questions.


A note for aircraft operators who operate more than one aircraft: Please fill in the questionnaire for as many of your aircraft as possible.


Please also enter your name and email address if you wish to participate in an industry-monitoring in the future.


We will summarize and publish the results of this survey in a study, you will find information about this on our website


Thank you very much for your support!



Survey on General Aviation in Europe for Pilots


Survey on General Aviation in Europe for Aircraft Operators


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